With reliability at the forefront of a power plant’s required deliverable, Brands and all of its subsidiaries can offer owner companies piece of mind through our extensive range of specialty services.

From our outstanding refractory program via Industrial Specialists LLC, to innovative scaffold solutions and everything in between, We can meet all your specialty service needs for power-related capital projects, refurbishments, turnarounds, outages and maintenance.

Our transmission service includes;

  • Modeling and design of Power Plants
  • Operation and maintenance of Power Plants
  • Installation and Commissioning (Gas, Steam or aero derivatives)
  • Supply of Turbine parts


With the increasing complexity and demand for logistics solutions, Technova offers an array of specialized transport solutions utilizing renewable energy sources and technology like the Technova light rail solutions for Africa.


We’re taking a bold step toward provably reliable water.

For all of our work past and present, we’re employing new monitoring technology, training maintenance teams, and setting aside repair funding to resolve problems! We will not accept failing projects as the norm.

Our offerings includes:

  • Marine
  • Drainage
  • Sewage
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Supply
  • Firefighting
  • Supplying heated water
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