Falconer, H-PTP, DynaCross, Eastlake, and Technova Establish Partnership to Facilitate Development Finance of Energy Projects in Africa


25 Jan, 2024, 09:00 ET


Partnership opens new access to African natural resource projects to U.S. investors

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas, Jan. 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Falconer Inc.H-PTP Energy Services Ltd., DynaCross Inc.Eastlake Group and Technova Africa International Ltd. today announced a collaborative Nigerian development effort and spirit, resolved in the five-way Creeks Accords. The companies, three leading local Nigerian energy firms and two U.S. development finance firms, created a mechanism to identify and bring to capital markets premier energy projects ready for institutional investment.

“Our work comes on the heels of a historic visit by the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Treasury, who highlighted the urgent strategic importance of investment and commercial partnership between the U.S. and Nigeria,” said Sam Sawhook, a Partner of Falconer Inc. “We are humbled by the opportunity to support these projects with some of the best engineering and service firms in the region. We’re starting with two projects originated by Eastlake with the development partnership and leadership of H-PTP, and we’re excited about the prospect of future projects with Technova.”  

In 2021, the Nigerian government enacted the Petroleum Industry Act to ensure domestic ownership of the country’s vast oil assets, and this partnership will facilitate the capital investment necessary for development by local companies, including H-PTP, Eastlake and Technova Africa.

“Our commitment to this region began with a trip to Nigeria in December,” added Sawhook. “We visited the sites, met the people on the ground, and saw firsthand the potential that can be unlocked through foreign development investments in the region. We have the opportunity to help write one of the last great chapters of human poverty alleviation through thoughtful development. We consider the hundreds of millions of Nigerian citizens as our ultimate client and we look forward to working with our partners – and patriots – at H-PTP, DynaCross, Eastlake and Technova to safely and intelligently develop these resources and bring new opportunities to the region.”

To learn more about investment opportunities, please email info@falconer.io.

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